Rules and Disclaimers

Why We Sell Firewood

Movement of any/all firewood from infested and/or quarantine areas is prohibited in accordance with the Pennsylvania Plant Pest Act of 1992. All such regulated firewood will be confiscated and destroyed. First time offenders will be issued a warning letter by Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, with repeat offenders subject to prosecution according to provisions in the Pennsylvania Plant Pest Act. Even if you are not within a quarantine area using local firewood is best. Do not take wood home with you and do not leave firewood - Burn It!  - More Information -

Breakneck Campground is not responsible for any injuries, damage and/or loss to person or property incurred by campers or their guests. All person(s) are required to sign a registration form by which the holder and guests recognize and acknowledge the conditions in camping near a gorge may contain hazards such as fallen trees, uneven ground, and drop-offs indigenous to natural environments. By camping in Breakneck Campground, the holder and guests agree to assume all risks and liabilities inherent in this activity, including, but not limited to those flowing from natural and man-made hazards.


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The rules, regulations, and disclaimers are made for your protection and the enjoyment of all campers. Any violation of these may result in additional fees and/or eviction without refund.