Why We Sell Firewood

Movement of any/all firewood from infested and/or quarantine areas is prohibited in accordance with the Pennsylvania Plant Pest Act of 1992. All such regulated firewood will be confiscated and destroyed. First time offenders will be issued a warning letter by Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, with repeat offenders subject to prosecution according to provisions in the Pennsylvania Plant Pest Act. Even if you are not within a quarantine area using local firewood is best. Do not take wood home with you and do not leave firewood - Burn It!  - More Information -

Scenic Deck PhotoWow what a view, "I can hear the creek" These 10'x10' decks sites are perfect for setting your tent on, they are off the ground and overlook Cheeseman run. They keep you high and dry and come with a table and fire ring. Don't forget your air mattress or sleeping pad.